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3 Best Outfits Ideas For Girls Wear On The First Date

It’s important to make a good impression on the first date, and your outfit plays a big role. Even if your physical appearance is not outstanding, but dress good taste, your boyfriend can be attracted to your unique temperament. Here are 3 best outfits ideas for girls wear on the first date.


If you want to show your femininity, then the dress must be the first choice. The main reason is that there is no need to match. If you are not good at wearing, it is very recommended to choose a dress. And wearing a skirt will feel that you pay more attention to this date, after all, most people still have a more traditional concept: girls should wear skirts.

outfits ideas- dress

In general, the element of choice is elegant temperament, not too exposed, but can be properly exposed, such as off-the-shoulders and waist. As for the choice of color, you can choose according to your favorite, as long as it is not too exaggerated fluorescent color, white is very resistant, suitable color. If you want to be brighter, you can also choose light yellow, lavender (light color). It should be noted that if you wear a long skirt dress, you should properly expose your shoulders or waist. Don’t pack all tightly, it will be easier for the other party to have a delusion.

dress - outfits ideas

Like the “waistless” type of the above picture, if your body condition is not allowed, it will not look good when worn. Therefore, if the height is not suitable, the waist-cut style is more suitable for you.

One Word Collar

If you have a thin shoulder, or if you have the advantage of a collarbone, then the one-word collar dress is definitely one of your choices. In addition to dresses, the one-word collar tops match with a skirt is also very nice. Still maintaining that principle: wearing a skirt is right.

One Word Collar date outfits

Choose a gentle light color, such as apricot, khaki, pale pink, light blue tones, giving a feeling of calm, elegant. And it looks more comfortable, it doesn’t feel too complicated, exaggerated. Black and white are the most versatile and safe, but it does not make mistakes in color matching. But the disadvantage is that it is easy for the object to feel the old-fashioned feeling of OL, so the style is very important. If you still insist on black and white, then the strapless design top can cover this feeling.

crop top match with skirt

If you feel that the neck is very empty. You can match a necklace. The style is not too exaggerated. It is best to choose the fine one and the pendant is not too big.

High Heels

The heels here are not limited to high heels and thick heels, as long as they are suitable for matching with skirts. If you don’t want to wear high heels with toe, then the open-toe sandals are your best choice, casual, not wrong, and very good with clothes.

high heels

Wearing a pair of heels, in addition to being able to show height, the overall proportion will be visually better. You can choose to wear the same color as the upper body, or light and white so that it will not be awkward. Another important point is not to choose the style of the toe that is too sharp, it will make the other party feel that you are too aggressive, the best in the tip of the circle, revealing the thinnest in the back and ankle.

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