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3 Swimwear Trends So Cute That You Want To Plan A Beach Trip Now!

From beachside hangouts to road trips, we're already setting our sights on summer getaways and festivities. The only thing left to do is find the perfect swimsuit to spend them in.

Below, I’ve put together a list of swimwear trends to consider before you book a flight!

1. The Halter Top

Credit: @ShopperBoard & @Walmart

Halter tops are a trendy clothing option for gping out — so why not apply that same thinking for a beach look? The best thing about a halter top is, it provides some extra support if you plan on jumping around in the waves. A little tip to test out if the halter top trend looks amazing on you - tie your faithful string bikini straps by criss-crossing them in front of your neck before tying them behind it. If you like that look, go ahead and get one of these halter bikini below!

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2. Criss-cross

Credit: @POPSUGAR &

From dresses to tops, the criss-cross trend seems to be popping up everywhere.

If you want to get a beautiful and unique shaped tan lines, a criss crossed bikini is your ultimate option for summer. Paired with denim shorts and a blazer, your bikini top can also double as a night-out piece!

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3. Ruffles

Credit: @Torey's Treasures &

Ruffles are romantic and that’s pretty much all you need to know to determine if this swim style could be your summer vibe. Ruffles are the perfect way to emphasize your collarbones, waist line or desire for a summer fling. Ruffles will be on the rise this summer especially after many celebrities featured ruffled swimsuits on social media.

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