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6 Must-Have Shirts That Every Woman Need Own

Shirts are the formal and casual combination, When you see someone wearing a shirt, don’t think she is going to participate in a presentation or a meeting. If you think so maybe you need to update your fashion sense. So, Let’s learn about how to style the 6 must-have shirts below.

White Shirts

white shirt

A white shirt is always easy to match clothes. If you have no idea what to wear today, then wear white clothes.

Plaid Shirts

Plaid Shirts

The plaid shirt is the mush have a style for students. As a fashion icon, you should also notice that this kind of plaid element has been expanded to trousers or even other apparel and accessories. It is very nice to add the plaid element to the shirts.

Stripe Shirts

Stripe Shirts - Must-Have Shirts

Stripe shirt is also very nice! You can casually match with a tight trouser, which can make you look younger!

Pure Shirts

Simple is beautiful! So pure shirt is very nice. There is not only white color, try another pure color as well, but this kind of style will also make you more lively.

Short Sleeves Shirts

Standard long sleeves shirts are too formal and mature. If you want to look younger, then choose a short shirt.

Short Sleeve Shirts - Must-Have Shirts

This kind of short shirt is a little bit like T-shirt, cool and simple, which is super suitable for college students. Moreover, it is very nice to wear in the hot summer.

Floral Shirts

Floral Shirts

With the popularity of the retro style, the floral shirt is back in fashion.

See more shirt styling ideas here.

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