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8 Patriotic Day Prepping Ideas – Home Decor and Fashion

Quick question –  do you know how many patriotic holidays there are in America?

It is actually more than you think – 9!

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  2. Washington’s Birthday

  3. Memorial Day

  4. Flag Day

  5. Independence Day

  6. Constitution Day

  7. Election Day

  8. Veterans Day

  9. Bill of Rights Day

With Flag Day just being 2 months away, it is time to prepare for this special day of celebrating Uncle Sam, enjoying the summer weather, and spending time with family and friends.

We would you like to share with you some flag day home decor and fashion ideas. Hopefully they will make your prepping easier!

♦♦ Patriotic Home Decor Ideas ♦♦

1. Display American flags.

The easiest way to decorate your house is to simply display American flags everywhere – it can be hang a full-sized one on the wall as a tapestry, or stick handheld American flags inside a follower pot.

2. Ballon

Blow up red, white, and blue balloons partially, and them attach them on the wall with glue and make it looks like an American flag.

3. A jar of rice or sand

Dye rice or sand into red, white and blue. Fill glass jars with them. You can even place a candle in the middle.

4. Use some wasted Fabric

If you know how to sew, you are bound to have some red, white and blue wasted small fabric. You can easy cut them into a triangle, and string them together into a colorful flag banner.

5. Get ready-made home decors

If you are a super busy mom and don’t have a lot of time to DIY, why not just get some ready-made products with just a few clicks online. We have some items that meet your need –  door wreath, garden ornament, pendant ornament, or cup sleeve.

♦♦ Patriotic Outfit Ideas ♦♦

1. Less costumy everyday looks

If you would rather looking more causal and low-key celebrating in the whole week, you can simply wear an outfit consisting of red, white and blue colors, or if possible, with stars or striped print. Without having to have a whole flag on your clothes, just get creative and play around with your own wardrobe.

2. Put on your flag with pride

Showing off your patriotic pride by putting on clothes with American flag directly! A straght-forward way to show your love to the country. You can still be stylist becasue there are so many creative designs and silhouette you can choose from.

3. Spice up with some accessories

Don’t forget to spice up your patriot day look with some accessories as well – hat, earrings, headband, shoes ,etc. Keep the spirit going all of the way from head to toe!

Comment down below and share with us if you have any good patriotic day ideas!

If you this post inspires you, share with your friends who may like it as well!

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