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Hallmark Fans Alert - Ideas to Make the Holidays Memorable!

It’s late November already, so you know what that means… the COUNTDOWN is on! Speaking of Christmas, Hallmark movies always gives me a sense of joy and Christmas magic.

In this post, I’ll share with you our easy, cost friendly Hallmark Christmas Movie Party ideas.

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What to wear

Baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts are comfy, and there are tons of choices featuring holiday patterns like snowflakes or Santa hats, and most importantly, Hallmark logos! Bellelily has some cute patterned Hallmark clothes that are perfect to show your Christmas spirit! Also top your outfit off with some Christmas bottoms and accessories to spice up your look!

Serve simple snacks + drinks

Since this is a perfect after-dinner party, light snacks and treats are really all you need. For the EASIEST Christmas-colored snack duo ever, just set out green chips (Guacachips) and red salsa. Holiday shaped cookies are also a classic.

As for drinks, hot chocolate and wine are enough to cover guests of all ages. A Christmas hot chocolate dress and a drinking wine socks can also add some festive vibes!

Movie time!

It's time for the best part - put on a movie – something with jingle bells, skating, a fireplace and some hugs. Enjoy each other’s company, get snuggled together on the couch under a cozy Christmas Hallmark blanket.

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