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How To Choose The Right Clothes Colors To Make Your Look Whiter

In addition to the basic maintenance and makeup to enhance the face value of the girl. As the saying goes, a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults. So the most direct way is to make your skin look whiter, and the solution is to choose the right color for your skin! Come today to teach everyone (especially black and yellow skin girls) how to avoid the minefield and which colors to wear!

Restricted Area

Caramel Color

Caramel Color

To black yellow skin pair say, this kind of dark color series, not only show dirty, and return easily to let a person look have no spirit. So if your skin is black please don’t choose the caramel color.

Fluorescent Color

Fluorescent Color

Not only does the skin slant black girl not suitable, even if the skin is the white girl all not suitable to wear it.

The Right Color Make You Look Whiter


White Make you look whiter

Whether your skin is white or black, white clothes are so friendly, you can wear them at will. And the white dress is summer first selection is worn build, add lace, flounce, similar element, deserve to go up simple makeup look, the girl of black yellow skin also can be a glows little fairy. Just make the white close to the face, the lower body wearing has a lot of options.

Light Blue

Light Blue Make you look whiter

The fresh light blue is also friendly for dark color skin, dress a light blue shirt collocation jean trousers. Under the summer sun, you will look fresh and cool.

Ginger Yellow

Speaking of yellow is definitely a lot of girls very distressed to wear, look at web celebrity people wear are very fashionable, can perfect control it, but wear on their own body show their very black. Please pay attention, not all the yellow color suitable for black or yellow skin.

Ginger Yellow Color Make you look whiter

A highly saturated yellow, like ginger, is perfect. Wearing a ginger dress on the road is not only visually appealing but also look whiter, black and yellow skin color why not choose it!


Black Make you look whiter

Many people with dark and yellow skin feel that black is not their color. But actually black also divides into many kinds, don’t choose dark gray, the purest black to be possible more suitable for your skin.

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