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How To Choose The Right T-shirts For Your Body Types

T-shirts are indispensable in the wardrobe of each girl. In addition to being versatile and wearable, the point of a T-shirt is that it can be worn in a variety of ways. But you really know how to choose the right t-shirts for your body types? Next, let’s learn about this.

For Petite Girls

How To Choose The Right T-shirts For Petite Girls

Many girls with petite figure have a lot of troubles in choosing the T-shirts. Especially if you choose a loose T-shirt to wear, you will look like no spirit and looks fat! So petite girl can choose fitted-tailored T-shirt to show a tight effect. The point is to make the position of the waist looks higher. So choose the right size and match with best bottoms, like a short skirt or high waist pants, and then put the clothes into it. This will solve the problem of being petite.

For Thick Shoulder Girls

How To Choose The Right T-shirts For Thick Shoulder Girls

Many girls with thick shoulders don’t know how to choose a T-shirt, often because the wrong choice of style makes the shoulder look thicker. Therefore, in order to create the illusion of narrowing the shoulders, people with wide shoulders are advised to choose a drop shoulder design that does not see the shoulder line. The falling shoulders are actually the design of the shoulder’s tailoring line falling on the sides of the shoulder. It is lower than the usual shoulder line, and the soft material can also properly modify the arm, resulting in the illusion of losing 3kg.

For Fat Abdomen Girls

How To Choose The Right T-shirts For Fat Abdomen Girls

For girls who have a fat abdomen, you can choose the crop tops. With a crop top, you need not put your clothes in your trousers, and then pair it with a high-waisted item, then you can hide your abdomen and use the crop top to create the illusion of a small waist. And you can choose a loose-fitting style, and it feels more feminine when worn.

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