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How To Clean Your Shoes And How To Care For Them

Shoes are very easy to get dirty, but most people wash their shoes with water when they get dirty, but it’s not always right. And the shoe of different material has a different cleaning method. Next, let’s learn how to clean your shoes and how to care for them.

Take Care For Your Leather Shoes

How to take better care for your shoes? If it is leather shoes, you should always use shoe polish to scrub the vamp and choose different colors of shoe polish according to the different colors of the vamp. If a crack appears in the leather shoe, apply paraffin wax to the crack, then carefully iron it out with an iron, and apply polish.

how to care for leather shoes

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When you don’t wear leather shoes, don’t forget to take care of the shoes. Fill the shoes with paper, which can help maintain the shape of the shoes and make the shoes more three-dimensional. Also, avoid striking leather shoes and sharp objects, and store them carefully in a box.

How To Clean Sneakers

First, never soak sneakers in a cleaning agent for long periods of time, or the sneakers will open glue very easily.

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When cleaning shoes, be careful not to use a hard brush to brush the sneakers too hard, otherwise the sneakers will be easy to open glue, or shoes on the pattern brush off.

When washing sneakers, separate shoes and shoelaces to wash, take out the insole with a soft brush gently scrub, and finally rinse with water.

how to wash your shoes

After cleaning the shoes, do not put them under the sun, put them in a cool, ventilated place and let them dry naturally. It’s best to wrap the surface of your sneakers with a layer of newspaper to keep your white shoes from turning yellow.

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