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How To Cleverly Remove Every Type Of Stains From Clothes

When the clothes touch various stains, we are always worried that it will not be cleaned. Actually, Just understand the cleaning tricks of various stains, no matter what type of stains the clothes are dyed, you can easily remove them. Next, let’s learn about how to remove stains from clothes.


Tools: Toothbrush+Alcohol+Washing Powder+Water

ink on clotes - Remove Stains From Clothes

Use a toothbrush(also directly by hand) to take a proper amount of washing powder to cover the ink stains, then take an appropriate amount of alcohol to apply the ink stains to drenched, lastly rinse with water, you will see your clothes be as clean as ever.

Red Wine

Tools:  Soap+Sponge+Dry Cloth+Water

Red Wine on clotes

Put the stains area of clothes in the water firstly, then use a dry cloth to absorb the alcohol of the red wine, then use the damp sponge to pick up the soap, apply it on the stains, wash it over and over, and then red wine stain will disappear.

Food Grease

Tools: Water+Talcum Powder

Food Grease on clotes

Soak oily area of clothes, then cover it with a proper amount of talcum powder, the talcum powder can absorb the oil after rubbing, lastly just wash it.


Tools: Toothbrush+Glycerin+Egg Yolk+Water

coffee on clotes

After mixing glycerin with egg yolk, apply a proper amount to the stain with a toothbrush, then wash it off with water, finally, you will see the coffee stains gone.

Hot Pot Soup

Tools: Toothbrush+Toothpaste+Water

hot pot on clotes

Take a proper amount of toothpaste and brush it gently on the soup stains of the clothes, then rinse off with water.


Tools: Water+Glycerin

tea on clotes

Mix glycerin and water in a ratio of 1:5, then wash the stain of the clothes in a glycerin solution and finally wash them with water.

Soy Sauce

Tools: Water+White Sugar

Soy Sauce on clotes

Soak the stains of clothes, then sprinkle the white sugar on it. Clean it with water after the stains are removed.


Tools: Toothbrush+Soap+Salt+Water

Juice on clotes

Sprinkle salt on the stains, use a damp toothbrush to smear the soap, and wash it with salt. Then wash off after the stains become light.


Tools: Toothbrush+Facial Cleaner+Water

Foundation on clotes

Take a proper amount of facial cleaner with a toothbrush, apply it on the soaked stains, then wash it with water.


Tools: Alcohol+Cotton Swab+Water

Chocolate on clotes

Use a cotton swab to draw alcohol on the stain, and then gradually dissolve and lighten the stain, finally rinse the stains with water.

If you have learned the above 10 cleaning tricks, you can easily remove all the stains out of your clothes later.

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