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Light Packing - What To Wear On Summer Vacation?

As the summer getting closer, it’s time to get packing on the brain for your next vacation trip!

In this post we would like to share a list of lookbook ideas that can:

  1. Make your suitcase as light as possible

  2. Cover city and beach attire

Shop Here → → Tank | Denim shorts | Baseball hat | Sandals

Let’s head out from home to the beach in this casual and comfortable look! A funny “talk to me goose ” tank with coconut tree print is giving me summer beach vibe! If you are going to somewhere warm humid like Florida, pair it with denim shorts and sandals - the most summer-ish essentials to fight against the heat in such off-duty style.

Shop Here → → Hat | Bikini | Coverup | Sandals

Yes, it’s the same pair of sandals! I recommend bringing only one pair of shoes that can cover any occasions, because shoes take up a lot of suitcase space and weight. Swimwear is a must-pack for a beach trip, and I love it for the sunflower pattern, which reminds me of sunshine and summer! And always protect yourself from the sunlight with a wide-brimmed hat, and apply sunscreen to all bare skin.

Shop Here → → Dress | Necklace | Sandals

There bound to be some occasion where you want to put on some makeup, and look good and less casual, like going to a bar, a party, a date, or go shopping with your friends.So this beautiful floral dress is a must-have! Love the combo - the tight upper part to show off your curve and the flowy bottom part to add a bit of feminine vibe. Pair it with the necklack to spice up the look.

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